Mosinee School District Mask Optional for the 21/22 School Year

August 17, 2021

Mosinee School District Community:

The Mosinee School District will be moving forward with reopening for all students September 1st In-Person. The Mosinee School District will be Mask Optional in the same way we ended the 20/21 school year and successfully completed summer school 2021.  The Mosinee School District supports and respects both those not wearing masks and those wearing masks.  Masks are only required on public transportation including the school bus at this time; however, the school district and its representatives are not responsible for enforcement of a private vendor’s policies.

Mosinee School District COVID-19 Notice: 

Masks or other face coverings are optional for all children and adults who enter Mosinee School District buildings. If you are sick, waiting for test results, or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you must stay home. Upon returning following an illness, please refer to our general illness guidelines.

We expect to have Covid incidents.  Mosinee School District Registered Nurses will respond to each Covid case and report as required to the health department for any protocols and procedures to be conducted by the health department.  The Mosinee School Board ordered the following in May 2021, ‘Effective immediately to eliminate all currently implemented Covid related measures throughout the Mosinee School District except the current in place cleaning and ventilation measures.  This includes the elimination of mask wearing, social distancing, dividers, and contact tracing.’  The Mosinee School District continues to partner with the Rural Virtual Academy as our virtual option.

All Mosinee School District staff were offered an opportunity to be vaccinated if they so chose in Spring of 2021 through a school district sponsored vaccination clinic.  Students age 12 and up have been approved for vaccination which remains a private medical decision for families.  Vaccinated students and staff do not need to close contact quarantine.  

I continue to believe it’s a core duty of the Mosinee School District to be available every day for all students in-person.  For our school district to best provide equal access and opportunities for all students, we plan to be in-person every day again this year as we were last year. 


David Muñoz


Mosinee School District