Marathon County Health Department Covid-19 Mask Advisory

Mosinee School District Parents:

The Marathon County Health Department issued this Public Health Advisory concerning face masks and Covid-19 following the ruling by the State Supreme Court.  The Mosinee School District adopted this advisory making it part of our existing Health Protocols.  The Marathon County Health Department continues to take the lead with public health matters.

Mosinee Parents have done an amazing job of checking their children for illness and not sending them to school with Covid-19 symptoms. Thank You!  This alone goes to great lengths to keeping the spread down and reduces contact tracing in the school buildings.  Covid-19 activity in the school district has stayed low since before Thanksgiving largely thanks to our mitigation measures, our dedicated staff, and our wonderful parents continuing to work with us through this global pandemic.   

All staff have had the opportunity for initial vaccinations, some are fully vaccinated and all Wisconsinites 16 and older will be eligible for vaccination if they choose starting on Monday April 5th.  If you choose to vaccinate or to have your children vaccinated for Covid-19, the following State of Wisconsin Covid-19 Vaccination Registry is a good place to start.  News reports indicate that about 20% of all Wisconsinites are fully vaccinated with over 30% partially vaccinated.  I suspect combining those vaccinated and those who have had Covid will bring us to herd immunity quickly perhaps and hopefully before the end of the school year.  

I look forward to getting back for the last 2 months of school and I’m hopeful everyone had a great Spring Break!  

David Muñoz


Mosinee School District