Updated 3/14/20 Travel Guidance Letter for Mosinee School District Community

Updated -Travel Guidance – From Mosinee School District – 3/14/20

Mosinee School District Community:
I’ve attached an updated travel guidance letter written by our school nurse Sara Goettl, RN, BSN.  The letter is very specific with respect to any staff and students returning from Level 3 travel warning countries OR states with ‘sustained community spread’ of the COVID-19 virus needing to self quarantine for 14 days. Students and Staff should not attend school until cleared by a medical professional following the 14 day quarantine if they are in this situation.   After clicking the first link in the attached letter scroll to the bottom over the map of the US for the most recent list of states with ‘sustained community spread’.  There is also detailed information about the now over 30 countries with Level 3 travel warnings in the left margin links.
I am still planning to have school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in accordance with the Governor’s Order with the understanding that this is a rapidly changing situation.  I will continue to consult local medical professionals including the Marathon County Health Department.
Thank You,
David Muñoz

Mosinee School District