WPS Repaired Transformer – Mosinee School District open for nighttime activities 2/16 and schools will run a normal Wednesday schedule on 2/17

Mosinee School District Community:

Wisconsin Public Service repaired the transformer that failed in the City of Mosinee servicing our buildings.  Mosinee School District Staff have since been able to restart all of our internal systems at the High School and Middle School before 2 pm.  The Elementary School took a little longer to become fully operational due to some setting and control issues, but as of 3:30 pm the elementary school was also fully operational.  

All nighttime activities will run in all buildings as planned on Tuesday, February 16th.  We will have school on Wednesday, February 17th as planned.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we worked through this unforeseen seasonal challenge.  Special thanks to the bus company for responding quickly.

David Muñoz


Mosinee School District