Mosinee Elementary School Closed Friday 10/23/20

Mosinee Elementary School Families:

Mosinee Elementary School will be closed Friday 10/23/20 with a tentative return date of Monday 10/26/20.  Contact-tracing forced the one day closure of the elementary school not a prevalence of Covid-19 incidents.  Contact-tracing is notifying those that are in close contact with a Covid positive person including quarantining to make sure they too don’t become or are not themselves infected.  Our total number of active Covid Cases at the elementary school and throughout the school district remains very low as shown on our updated dashboard which does include incidents first discovered today.  The linked dashboard is identical to the Marathon County Health Department data.   

Please be aware that no classes will take place on Friday for elementary school students, but teachers will be available to answer questions through email if you have any.  

Mosinee Middle School and Mosinee High School will continue with in-person school on 10/23/20 because they have stable staffing situations including low Covid numbers.  We will continue with all athletic events as scheduled.  

Thank You,    

David Muñoz


Mosinee School District