Mosinee COVID-19 Update including after school activities, cleaning procedures, and plan going forward on

The purpose of this communication is to provide an update on COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) preparedness and planning in the Mosinee School District.  We are closely monitoring the spread of the virus and preparing for any necessary response while prioritizing the health, safety, and well-being of our students and staff.  The situation is changing rapidly at the county, state and federal level. 

After-school Events, Activities, Clubs and Athletics

In an effort to prevent the spread of illness, we are taking the following preventative measures. 

Effective Sunday, March 15, 2020 at midnight:

  • All after-school events, activities, clubs, meetings, practices, performances and athletics will be cancelled. All field trips are cancelled.
  • All facilities will close at 6:00 p.m. to assist our cleaning staff with the deep cleaning that I’ve ordered done daily since 3/3/20.
  • To limit the number of people visiting our schools and facilities, we are suspending visitors, vendors or volunteers. 

The above will be in effect through April 10. We will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis, and a decision on when or whether to resume the above activities will be shared in early April. 

Parents should anticipate the possibility of school closure and plan for how children could be cared for in their home in that event.  I haven’t made a decision at this time to close schools in the Mosinee School District but I will keep you informed while I stay in consultation with medical professionals and government authorities about this.  I have been collaborating with local superintendents and will continue to do so going forward with so many shared experiences for all of our students.

Cleaning Procedures:

Aside from regular daily cleaning, we have increased our deep cleaning from once a week to daily as much as possible and have an outside cleaning agency on-call if it should become necessary. 

This is a quick synopsis of the disinfection cleaning which started on Tuesday 3-3-2020 at my direction.  My intent with this very detailed and specific cleaning is proactive and not because of any incident.

The housekeeping staff at night spray all surfaces with a disinfectant which has a 10 minute “kill claim.”  Additionally, the maintenance staff since 3/3/20 every morning has been using the EvaClean Protexus Electrostatic Spray gun to hit surfaces in the hallways, common areas, and classrooms, doing this on a rotating basis. The Protexus sprayer electrostatically charges the chemical as it disperses it, this allows the chemical to be attracted to and wrap around the surfaces. This provides 3x more coverage in the same time as conventional spray bottles and has a less than 10 minute “kill claim” on things like Influenza H1N1, Hepatitis A-B-C, Norovirus, and Avian Influenza H5N1.  

Spring Break Travel:

We know that many staff and students might be traveling for Spring Break. In order to protect the health of our students, staff, and community, we want to inform all staff and students that the Mosinee School District will align with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services recommendation that all travelers from places with level 3 travel health notices for COVID-19 follow a limited self-quarantine for 14 days after returning to Wisconsin. I’ve linked a detailed letter from our school nurse concerning spring break travel.

If Mosinee School District staff or students have traveled within the last 14 days to the countries identified with a level 3 travel advisory like Italy and China or US States identified to have a sustained community spread, they will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days upon return.  If symptoms like fever, cough, or difficulty breathing develop, they should contact their local health department and health care provider for possible testing. People should call ahead before arriving at a health care facility for testing.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains the most up-to-date list of countries with travel health notices on their website, so please check frequently as information rapidly changes. 

David Muñoz


Mosinee School District