Mosinee School District Staff Earn 3 United Way Awards in 2020

The Mosinee School District was awarded the Circle of Excellence United Way Associate Award for achieving between $2500 – $10,000 of giving this year.  Mosinee School District Staff were also awarded a Most Improved Campaign Award.  Middle School Teacher Dana Kamke won an individual award for being the Advocate of the Year for her work with the food pantry in the Mosinee School District.  Teacher Derek Yirkovsky is picture with Mrs. Kamke.  Derek has been a key figure in organizing and planning the United Way Drive.

United Way will recognize their Advocate of the Year, Dana Kamke, teacher, from the Mosinee School District.  A few years ago Ms. Kamke taught a homelessness unit in her classroom and took her class to area shelters in Wausau on a field trip. The students learned the importance of meeting basic needs for all people and wondered what could they do to make a difference. The students, realized there was a need at their school for students to have food at home on the weekends.

Ms. Kamke started a food pantry in the Mosinee Middle School and is now exploring adding another pantry in the elementary school. She has involved students in the project to stock shelves, pack meals and gather donations.

IMG_4090United Way LuncheonUnited Way Luncheon